For the first semester, we have our special protagonist, the coronavirus and domestic quarantine as a scenario. At home, we will use smartphone recordings, audio escapes, photo collages, found-footage materials and animations as well as collaborative online tools to produce the films for our project. We examine this scenario and experiment with how we can blur the distinction between truth and fiction in a documentary. This allows us to explore the factual and fantastic and use it to create alternative narratives about our current life, but in dystopian scenarios – such as in a nuclear fallout world, zombie apocalypse or !in a coronavirus pandemic!

The series of practical-theoretical seminars are supposed to create a multi-dimensional and dynamic classroom setting where B.A. and M.A. students can actively learn theoretic, aesthetic and technical know-how and enter into research at the same time. By combining exercises with practical skills in filmmaking and asking students to select their research topics, it will be possible for the students to approach themes following the current turn within film studies towards the phenomenology of film production. The series of seminars will focus on the research of the performative and relational aspects of documentary film production and performance techniques for non-professional actors (methods of co-production).